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Is 5G going to replace fiber optic boardband ? Can we use 5G with PC ? Is ping with 5G getting lower than fiber ? Anything I can prepare ? Should I buy a new PC now or wait for 5G ready PC ?

Sorry for so many questions I hope someone can give me some light on this thank you :)

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http://www.skyworksinc.com/Products_5G.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAjwzoDXBRBbEiwAGZRIeJcKjBULPyBMbYWrypP25tS1aVg_zxEvB57odF3kGCgDv2odV-cu-RoCOKMQAvD_BwE All about it. Basically it's 4G enhanced cellular data, for mobile devices since carriers, as a general rule do not offer unlimited high speed hot spots, it isn't for computers, just mobile devices like tablets and phones.

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