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So I'm running around with my templar in the default Enshar Armour set (Elite Fledgeling Daeva).  But I need to be moving along to something else.  Whats my best direction and how too I get going in that direction.

I've looked at both the Remodelled Danmar and the Fearless/Fierce sets.  But no real idea how they scale up as the enchantment level scales up.  So any help would be great.  I'm happy for someone to point me to a list of stats and I can read up.


Cheers Anyone.



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Here is some info about the various PVE gears: 

For PVP, your endgame aim is the 80AP gear -- level 80, abyss point gear. You purchase the 75Ap gear in Marchutan's Priory with AP and Spinel Medals, then you use materials (commander soulstones) to upgrade that 75AP to 80AP. The upgrade materials are dropped from various places, such as Evergale Canyon, Divine Fortress siege on Saturday night, and Frozen Monolith (that last one is going to be too difficult at your level). Evergale is going to be your big source as you can get four drops per day and you can enter at any level 66+.

As I said, that is PVP endgame aim. There are other PVP gears you can get which, while not as good as 75AP/80AP, are usable depending upon how serious you are about PVP. There is the mythic (purple) Blood Medal set you can buy with blood medals and blood marks from the NPC up the staircase at Harbinger's Landing. You can also get 70AP gear as drops from Mirash Sanctuary or buying with AP/spinels or buying from broker (same as 75AP/80AP). There is also Arena gear which you purchase with valor insignias -- drops you get from participating in Arena of Chaos/Discipline/etc over in Marchutan's Priory.

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