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Jumping back in after IDK how long!


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Hello everyone!

My friend and I are looking to get back into the game after... jeez idk 6/7 years? 

I just have a few questions, since we're looking to start fresh characters. What server would be best for either Asmo or Elyos?

Is there activity that would warrant starting a new play through?


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You're the best man, super fast reply's.   Is there any video or post that can catch me up to speed? The last I remember was the first patch that brought the level cap to 55(?) and the first new area. Is the Abyss still a thing people do? haha So much I'm sure I've missed. Is leveling still a struggle/grind?


Thanks a million!

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Leveling is not a grind until after 70. 70 to 75 is a nasty slow, but doable.

There are far too many new things to mention. I would just start your characters and when you run into something that doesn't make sense, google it. As someone that has played since '09, I can tell you that many many things have changed. 

Just to get you started, there is now something called the Fast Track Server. That is basically the leveling server for both servers. There is no PvP and you get twice the xp. The lower areas on the main servers will be empty. Also, leveling is nyerk easy and fast. You don't have to run a single instance if you don't want to. Do the gold campaign quests and any dark blue ones. There are also pink quests that you get every 5 levels (or is it 10? I can't remember) in your main city (Pandae/Sanctum). Those give you things like scrolls and armor and weapons you really don't need any more. You should also do daily luna.. which you can afk and still get tons of xp. (Google it to see how to run it if you want to actually get a better scrore.) Lastly, at 10 you get a box that gives you a brilliant white looking armor set and weapon. That will take you all the way to 55 where you get a box for a black looking armor set and weapon. That will take you to 66+ where you can work on end game things. There is no need to get coin armor or items. You can literally get to 66 in a few days game play.

Good luck.

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