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Proposal for Tiamaranta NPC Seller


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Oh. please. don´t be naive. NCSoft does not care about our economy. They destroyed it many times with many bad decisions.

The only reasson for this, is that they want to sell, in BCM, temperings and omegas at $1-2 each one sometimes. And who will pay that amount if we can get a lot of them for free so easily? Now that we are so few and they get so few money from prestiges, instances packs and other small things, the experience is easier to get and we do not really need the stars, and the merek is not what it used to be, they can only get money from skins (and actually they do not add all the options that other regions have), and some promotions with omegas and temperings tempting us to enchant our gear to get a buff or a personal reward. But if they left the event untouched for a month, they wont be able to get a cent from those for at least 2 months. 

Only for that reasson they were so fast closing the eye and taking out the npc. They are never that fast with normal issues that only affect us. And also for that reasson wasn´t just changed to (event) items. 

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