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Insane to get coins from the eye.


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Dear NC Soft.

Something should be done with the Tiamartanta's eye.. asmos have completely over run the area. camping our side and all fattys..2 day of trying so hard to farm for them coins and looking for groups. 2 days and gain 40 coins. it is so sad most of us don't have pure sets plus 20 of higher to even hit the oppposite side to run them off. i feel like there supermen squashing a bug. so far this event has only made me depressed..that is all i have to say gl to all you farming coins. i hope you have better luck then i am having. :(

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Pretty much the only time buying anything with the coins was worth was in the initial 12 hours of the event before they took it down and hiked the prices. I'm really sad so many people got screwed in this way. Join the boycott and stop buying things from the BCM! It's a dim hope at best to get NCWest to recognize how terribly they've hurt players, but probably the only nerve endings a company can feel is if it's stabbed in the wallet.

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This is the why they are coming with a lot of changes for 6.0... the game is broken...

About asmos or elyos, I rarely saw a balanced fight in the servers that I played (since 5 years or more). If it was elyos with big numbers (and $$) now, you could be a unhappy asmo posting here. We are not 2 races in fact lol , we are all players. Sometimes I got scare how people really act like there was other race

Dont be upset, the event is bad for a lot of reasons.  A bad event start with ninjas; the overacting about prices from both sides, the zombie mechanics, the 1 coin quest ha ha ha

They had the chance to make a nyerking good event before the 6.0, but they don't play the game -.- there is nothing to say if they don't know the own game.


Dear NC Soft?

They don't care about us Michael


But the box food, a yes , at least 1 thing good from the event


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