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Weaving for chanter in Adma/TTC need ?


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Ok first weaving will get you more dps than spam skills so yep if I want best dps I better weave.

But situation isn't easy like that because you gotta heal too I'm in many group where chanter/sw/cleric lv 75 that no matter what do not drop heals at all whatever you're dying or wipe it's very scary when you're top DPS class like gunner,sorc.If you're a glad you could getaway without heal with spear because short cd hp heal.

Anyway enough of talking about other classes.I found out that as a chanter I better spam skills with using only recovery spell and HoT and not active rage spell with DPS stigma I feeling my healing is fast,fun as dpsing and never run out of skills.I still thinking if I should get WoI (Green Stigma) but that skill consuming a lot of MP.

Anyway in my opinion I think I shouldn't weave while support because spam skills allowed me to focus on other members HP and throw recovery spell HoT when needs while still dpsing.

Do you guys weaving while support ?

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I personally weave in every situation. The whole point of weaving is to maximize hits/second and let some of your attack skills cool down. Spamming skills will give you more DPS than weaving until you run out of attack skills to use, which will happen unless you weave.

If you group is actually relying on your healing skills, then there lies the problem because the biggest threat in PvE nowadays is AOE damage. Your protective ward, block curtain, and elemental screen are game-changing in PvE. Recovery spell and healing burst on the other hand are just luxuries meant for very specific situations where one person is getting significantly more damage than everyone else (e.g. a cleric pulling a bunch of mobs because of heal aggro). Healing light is plain garbage. So if you've timed your group shields properly and the group is still dying, you might want to take a closer look at your cleric's heal rotations since there are plenty of clerics who randomly pop big cd's like splendor, ripple, sage's wisdom, and amplification during the easy auto-attack phases.

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Thanks for reply Rinku.

I want to say that when I mean I never run out of skills I really mean so I do click at members to target them (click on their status bars on screen not characters).Selecting members time already give time of all skills to reset already plus I also use HoT on them too.

However even I'm in full dps mode I don't weave on every skill.For eg chained crush etc I only weave on low cd skills.Still I do believed that weaving is dual wield thing.
I start rethinking a lot of things such as using spear instead of dual wield for glad.It would do nothing good if you do great dps then die because nobody healing you or you do bad dps but you alive at the end of instance and got exp.

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