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Ping ping and ping


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it seems ping while we test while we idle is not actually really the ping we're playing with.
According to this thread https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/3240-SERVER-refresh-rates/?pageNo=2

It seems like we getting 50-100+ ping when an action took place.
So if we're test idle ping and got 200 you're actually playing 300 ping in game o_o

Denny or Confirm ?

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Deny but explain. We do not know the hardware of the computer in those screen shots. We do not know the FPS, which has an effect on Ping, we don't know the CPU speed or cores, another factor. We don't know what kind and speed of RAM, also a factor.


My raw ping to NCwest is 658 ms (satellite internet) Idle in game same, moving or fighting 675-690 Not a big hit but, I have dual 1080 GPUS and, an i9 7980 CPU so, very little slow down due to hardware on my end.


That person might be on a laptop form 2001 with a 1.0 ghz CPU and a 690 GPU or worse, we don't know.

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