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I have an existential doubt

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Rolling back to the days of 4.8. We chase him down into Drakenspire Depths. After failing to extract the powers from Ereshkigal's essence, his body cant take it and loses an arm. However, Beritra flees. Beritra's presence retreats from everywhere, including Reshanta, and hides. We havent heard of him ever since, but we know he is still active because of Drakenseer's Lair. He is only briefly mentioned by Ereshkigal in the 6.5 intro, were she swears revenge against Beritra, Fregion and us.

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He has a bigger role again. You will face him during your campaing quests and help him to get information about the curent situation like in Katalam back then. He will also inspect Prometons Workshop to get infomation about Ershkigal and her plans. And I dont know if thats already proofen but Ershkigal will kill herself with the power of Aions Relic in 6.5+

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