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Campaign missions (story)

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With the last 5.8 update we have gained the core back but there's 1 thing I'd see changed, including future updates. The problem is that not everybody can run FM to just complete the story, what I'd like to see is to change the mission a bit so it works like the last Enshar/Cygnea mission where we were sent to DD. It was possible to do it solo as we were sent to the "nerfed instance" and we could do the story. Now some of us are stuck there and we cannot do this mission as it wants from us to go to real instance and kill the boss. Is it possible to do it like the last Enshar/Cygnea campaign so that we can enjoy the full story?

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I agree. Its something that really bothers me. It took me weeks to complete.

It has been a thing since the start, and unfortunately it will potentially keep happening. If I recall correctly, one of the campaigns in the new areas will require you to take part on the siege (not sure though).

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