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Summon: Punishment Energy/Noble Energy


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@Cyan Hello, I'm making this forum to show all players /gm's about the bug of the Archdaeva skill Summon Punishment Energy. This skill when maxed by using Essence points has a based damage of 3779, However it is dealing 278 damage or less on any player with 75/80 AP gear Whom I have the Magic boost cap on. I tested this on multiple characters. I've even tested this on players 74 and below whom have 75 AP and still does a cap of 278 damage. The Support team in charge of fixing bugs Suggested I Delete Aion and reinstall it. I've done this already. This does not fix my or any other cleric who's having this problem. It is a game issue not an personal issue with just my cleric. Time and time again I've gotten bad feedback from them suggesting its my toon only. They say that they cannot reproduce the same results that i had. Its simple as recasting the skill on another player who has PVP Gear. It's as if because all the pvp defense these skills (stigma included) has become useless. I don't understand why they cannot reproduce it. Please  Clerics post your damage of the skill down below and bump the page to get the attention of GM's here as support tickets seem to not be getting the point across. ALL i want is an answer to why its not dealing damage. 








This last one is just for laughs. I removed everything i had on and used the servant and did more damage. 616 magic boost  FIX this issue



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155, 215, 278 is practically what? 1% dmg? What is the advantage of equipping a cleric with pvp gear for DPS if 2 of the main skills that should help us have a stable DPS in pvp, ends up having less damage than the abnormal condition (like chastise). 

Really hope the GM's look at it, and fix this ridiculous bug.

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Fix servants please @ncsoft kthnx tired of dying to people in pvp because my 2 important skills arent doing enough damage to even matter . - .

9 hours ago, Spirithq-KT said:

then i think all is ok with this cleric skill ......

i think you are an idiot, punishing servant has 3.7k base damage at +8 as much as call lightning and is hitting for less than a shit dot that i throw on people in my defensive sets with no mboost or pvp attack . - .

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