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I made lore summaries for people before. Dont mind if I just quote them. Main thread here.

On 17/8/2017 at 0:01 PM, Bryos-DN said:

Lore posts! I have missed them! Amyway, going to explain what has happened ever since 3.9 (Tiamat's demise) until now.

After Tiamat's death, we venture into a region called Katalam (consisting of several smaller Katalams, all continents on the lower island of Balaurea). Beritra comes into place, the 4th Dragon Lord. He was in bad terms with Tiamat (could be his thrist for power, how she killed his lover, all the drama caused by her ascension) and therefore killed all messengers sent by her to Fregion requesting backup. At the same time, he interrogated them for their information.

Beritra found out Tiamat had found a semi-functional petralith weapon called a Hyperion. These were developed by Katalam's former dominant race, the Danuar. Tiamat's army fought against them for their land and slowly killed them all, this weapon being their only hope, but time wasnt in their favour. Within months after Tiamat's death, these Balaur had no leaders and such were slain by Beritra's army, claiming Katalam for their Dragon Lord.

Following the campaigns for that region, you arrive in and found out that Beritra is trying to gain as much knowledge of the Danaur as possible to fix the Hyperion, as well as Kahrun had gone missing. Kahrun had been having visions of a great threat within Idian Depths. As he ventured in, he had confronted Beritra, but failed and was gravely injured. Eventually as well, Beritra disguises himself and fouls you into fixing the Hyperion on his behalf.

After you retreat, you form an alliance and destroy the Hyperion before Beritra can deploy it. However, that was not even a fraction of his real master plan. With the design of the Hyperion, Beritra created massive warmachines, and stealing Tiamat's research on teleportation made it possible to transporting them anywhere within seconds. And so started Beritra's Grand Invasion.

Fully releasing his weaponry, Beritra attacked all regions, but his special interest was Katalam, Sarpan and Tiamaranta. Tiamat had distorted the earth in those areas to hide special sealing stones, which she would use to prevent Enshar and Cygnea from rising from the bottom of the sea. The regions we spent so much time on sank on the sea and two others surged.

The few survivors relocated to these zones. And the next phase of Beritra's plan was in action. Long before, there was a titanic battle between Ereshkigal and Fregion, with Fregion being the winner. Ereshkigal's power was sealed away in a prison and Tiamat was tasked to sink these lands as an extra measure. Beritra had allied with Orissan (Ereshkigal's servant). Beritra wanted power, Orissan wanted to free his queen. This led to you infiltrating Drakenspire Depths and putting an end to the plan. However, Beritra lost an arm and Ereshkigal's return begins.

Beritra retreats, and for the moment, we havent heard much of him. Ereshkigal's presence begins to show though, as Reshanta froze entirely. This is where the story freezes (heyyyy) in terms of Balaur for a moment, and shifts its focus into the Archdaeva and his actions, and the whole rework to the story behind the Tower of Eternity and the Cataclysm. As the Atheric Field weakens, we gain access to the bases of the Tower as well as the inside. All our resources are focused on finding a way to repair it and understanding it.

Moving forward to 5.3 and 5.5, strange events take place in Sanctum and Pandaemonium, the weirdest and most worrying one being the sighting of a Balaur in the captial. This leads a state of emergency as Dredgions are sighted above the cities, and all Daevas are called back to defend them. After this long battle, the Balaur finish with the invasion. Lots of blood was shed, and missing Daevas are reported.

A small legion was sent to follow the Dredgion, which led to Reshanta, as they were entering a gigantic floating island. Unfortunately, this small group of Daevas are captured, with only one survivor, their Brigade General. In order to rescue them, you follow them to that mysterious place and find that all missing Daevas are sent there, where they are tortured, starved and used as fuel to a flower called Sakrapes/Incarna.

Inside we meet the Harvesters, a group of Ereshkigal witches which channel the life force of sacrifices towards the bloom. The objective is to force the flower to bloom and use its power to bring Ereshkigal back once and for all. Inside, we fight those witches and defeat them, except for one which takes the flower and flees.

And, that is how far we have gone ever since Tiamat's death. The next lore bit will be.in 5.8, but I will avoid comments on that.

Now that we are in 5.8, I can add that 5.8 part.

With a charged up Incarna, Ereshkigal restores her power. At the same time, Daevas have figured out a way into Divine Fortress, after it was sealed off by her. Using embers left behind by Fregion in Kaldor, they break the seal and attempt to push forward. However, hell breaks loose when Ereshkigal herself surges from inside the Core and annihilates the entire fleet. Having suffered so many losses, they are forced to retreat.

Despite that, they must proceed with another attack before the Balaur recreate the seal. They send more ships to Divine Fortress. On the way, they spog a floating island above Divine. From there, a Balaur general, Nergal, controls a special device which paralyses the fleet and crash to the ground one by one. (You go through Frozen Monolith in this part, and you win) As you crash land in a nearby, you take on the fight with Nergal, and you win, destroying the mass destruction device.

Because of lack of ships, you are forced to retreat again. Needles to say, they have to launch a third attack fast. Fortunately, they are successful now. (This part directly assumes you conquered Divine Fortress, siege is how this third plays out, with you winning). During siege, you recognise Orissan, who had been resurrected after the events that transpired in Drakenspire Depths.

The last stage to secure Divine Fortress, js to clean up the inner chambers (Mirash Sanctum). From there, you gathered evidence that rituals were being conducted to resurrect old soldiers back to life, including Orissan. You fight Kirshka, one of the Harvesters in charge, and noticed a mirror in her chamber. From it, a message from Ereshkigal plays, indicating the newly resurrected legions to protect the fortress, and spread the word that they should come to her citadel. According to her, "a storm is coming". You go back to your landing and report this, and that ends the 5.8 story.

Then we move on to 6.0. We dont have yet, but you can tell what she meant. Ereshkigal eventually uses her power to pull the islands in Reshanta and crush them into the ground, destroying several regions of Atreia. 

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Basically, Israphel's desire was to reshape Atreia using Siel's power (and his). This is the plan that came after his first one failed of convincing the other Lords. His plan fails as you, the player, get the power to neutralise Siel's Relics temporarily which is ineffective. However, Siel's soul/energy suddenly appears and takes with her both Israphel and the relics. That is his definitive end.

As for Kahrun, he is still alive. After leaving for Katalam in search for Danuar knowledge of ide, he stumbled upon Beritra and the last Hyperion. Through the campaigns in Katalam and Danaria you are aided by a special person (not the researcher, I mean the Kahrun pursuers), who ends up being Triniel/Nezekunt in disguise, looking for Kahrun (their son). After being knocked down by Beritra, both put aside their differences and flee with him.

Kahrun hides in Levinshor, until his wounds are fully healed, abd therefore return to his tribe. During his recovery, he experiences visions of the imminent attack of Beritra, and asks for you to meet him. That is the last time we hear from him. 6.0 might continue his storyline, but I haven't checked it out. I dont wish to get it spoiled for me. 

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