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Water/Fire dragon king weapons


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Each weapon set has its own skill, shared by all weapons of the same series. For instance, Water DK have Lotan's Blessing. You can check the skills for other series from the skills window, under the Item tab in the bottom.

When you skin the appearance onto a weapon, that weapon will acquire the skill and its appearance. Just like +20 skills, you will be able to use that skill if you have the item equipped.

As far as I remember, skills are directly attached to the appearance itself, so if you remove it, you will lose the skill. For instance, if you skin a Thunder DK skin ob a weapon which had a Nether DK skin on it, you will lose the NDW and gain the TDK skill.

You cannot reassign skills, other than sacrificing the appearance. Each series has its own skill, there are no alternative versions.

Also, do note the Brilliant versions of the weapons are the ones with skills. Lesser versions do not have skills.

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