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Cannot do Hamerun Quest-line and Wasted EXP

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I am a lvl 10 just after getting ascension (just got my Daeva gear), still in Sanctum -- hadn't done any Sanctum quests yet, like for the ring. My character appeared in Akarious Village first time I logged on after the change. The only quest I can get is to return to Sanctum and get Ascension again.

How come I cannot do the Hamerun Quest in the mine? Is it limited to only pre-ascension characters? There is a lot of exp in that quest-line, and some stuff to pickup, also.

If the Hamerun quests are for pre-ascension only, why do you get about 200,000 exp from it when you are capped at 9? I created a new character to see what the game changes are and got stuck in the mine and had to finish the quest-line to get out. That character wasted well over 100,000 exp -- when you add the Ascension quest, I lost well over 200,000 exp because I was capped at 9. If you cannot do the Hamerun quest after level 10, then why do you give so much exp from it and the Ascension quest? In the old game, you could stop questing at 9 and do Ascension, come back and finish those quests for the exp.

If those at lvl 10+ cannot do the quests in Poeta except to return to Sanctum and get Ascension again, then why do they give you so much exp that you waste over 200K of it? I thought the purpose of quests was to get special items and experience -- why do them at all if the exp is just gonna be wasted and you get good gear in Sanctum during Ascension? Why have the Hamerun quest-line at all when you can get to 9 easily without it, get the Ascension quest to max out level 9, then go to Sanctum and get the lvl 10 cap removed and your Daeva gear, if you cannot come back and do it for the exp?

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I'm not sure.

When I leveled a character in EU, I ran Haramel once and moved on. As you say, you don't need the instance to level. There are plenty of other quests. 

Honestly, I think you are alright just moving on. 

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I like the old way where you could level to just at 9, get and do Ascension Quest and get well over 100% of the exp you need for level 9, get Daeva in Sanctum, and then return to Poeta to finish all the rest of the quests for exp. They had a good quest line there and once I did finish it -- I was on the one for another area when they did the change.

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