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GP and Rankings in 6.2


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I'm getting a lot of questions about GP acquisition in 6.2 and not sure how to answer people correctly. 

With there being only a few sieges each week that reward somewhere from 80 to 240 GP and GP rewards stripped from other things, how are people supposed to work towards climbing the rankings in this patch? If currently ranked players take the 30 minutes a couple days a week to do the fort sieges, will these players remain at the top of the ranks indefinitely, or is there a way for newer players to work their way up the rankings and eventually into the Top 100 so that they can xform?

Are there a few other activities that reward GP for players looking to transform and help shape the outcome of faction battles, or should these players not look at GP rankings as a worthwhile goal?

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  • Aion Team

There's a few discussions on the forums about this already so I'm locking this one. I posted last week that we're discussing with the devs on the best approach for it. Nothing concrete to say for sure yet, though.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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