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New Server Suggestion


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Hi guys, I play Aion for a long time but what I really do is stop then play again then stop.

The result, I haven't got any fancy gear until now.

Now I'm back again here, they merge the Siel to idk what server it is

Currenty playing 1week, I have 1 ancient pvp +15, and ancient pve armor and weapon (not the Lakrum)

Also lvl up aetherforge to 60/300

my server is on KT

But 6.2 got new server...

Should I remain on KR or try the new server?

thank you!


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It's up to you. 

Are you feeling like you are getting things done on KT? Do you have friends or a legion? Those would be reasons to stay where you are.

If you move to the new server, you can easily level to 80. You will have none of the resources that your old characters has in terms of kinah or exchange omegas/temperings or skins (which can be sold for kinah) or enchanted stigmas. Though you will have access to any transforms that you opened on your old character and cubics you opened -if- your new character is on the same account as your old. Kinah may be a real issue for you, but those around you will only have a week jump on your in PvP gear.

So there are reasons to stay and reasons to move. Not sure there is a wrong answer. Keep in mind though that if you move to the new server, there will be no transfers out of there for some time, so whatever you pick you will want/have to stick with it.

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