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The usual question. What is better, vindicator or inquisitor (for chanters ofc) And why? Also what would be better as far as manastones go? We used to have crit atk and macc but idk if it changed with new patch. I heard m acc and m res are kinda all over the place now compared to the previous patch. Do we get hp now?

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Vindicator is better for all classes and for all purposes.

For weapon, you'll probably want an inquisitor staff for the crit strike over the Vindicator weapon's HP.

Not sure for manastones for chanter specifically, crit seems to be the way to go for dpsing, although when you get your ultimate pieces you might consider going HB to maximize your trolling potential (can't kill shit but can't be killed). MR not worth it anymore and generally chanters have more than enough defenses to soak up damage (compared to clerics) so they don't need to socket HP. Unsure what to say about macc/atk.

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