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hello everyone, someone could explain to me why a simple white outfit can not be put in the account warehouse to pass to the character corresponding to his class (while stat are null and that this can not serve to change the appearance) or send him by mail
already that it is tedious and long to obtain the desired item and that it is not always the object for his class it would seem justified to be able to at least give it to the character of his account corresponding to the class
why put the interresting for remodeling, intradable and unsellable to the broker,whereas with the prestige pass one should not have this kind of restriction
thank you for explaining me

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Not sure.

My theory is that the white drops are meant to be kinah only and kinah is not tradeable. Why not just give us kinah? That would be because of the ftp model in Korea. If you pay for their version of the Prestige Pack, your personal store sells things for more kinah. So this "kinah drop" (read white gear) is worth more kinah if you pay the monthly fee.

Or that's my theory.

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I get to stop gold sellers, can't make enough kinah to be selling it - well almost but, they are still out there, selling kinah. Never going to stop them, all this is doing is hurting honest players. Now you can't expand your inventory or, fly or fast travel on alts unless a quest say to teleport or fly - you do and, you end up stuck without enough kinah to fly or teleport for a quest. Only choice then is delete the alt and, try again, not expanding, flying or teleporting unless a quest tells you to do it. Then get to level 80 with maybe 200 kinah. Not helping at all. Can't broker anything, can't afford the fees. No private store and, you spend what you get form selling whites just to do quests.

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