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Cleric combos


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A couple of questions so my party wipes less due to my bad judgement and panic-induced misclicks (yes I still click my skills xD)

First question; which stigmas do full heal clerics go? Some people say Splendor of Recovery, some go Sacrificial Power, and some go Healing Servant. 

Last question; what are the healing combos for a cleric? For example; gunner has a specific combo rotation of primarily cannon skills that maximizes damage. I'm wondering if clerics have a rotation of skills that maximizes single-target heal and group heals.


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What you're calling "combos" is too situational (particularly with the new daevanion skills, those that put a shield on your target [Mass Immortal Shroud and Breath of Recovery], you can't always use them whenever it pleases you, because your target might already have some kind of shield on them, and you'll just end up overwriting it) so I can't help with that.

But for stigmas, Benevolence, Ripple of Purification, Splendor of Rebirth, Noble Grace, Saving Grace and the last one is whatever you prefer. Power Sprint if there's a lot of running wherever you're going, Retribution Lightning if you can afford to offdps a bit, Festering Wound if you're going into an instance with high MA requirements, like Beritra/Primeth, where not all group members might have the perfect MA requirement (although considering it wasn't updated to 6.2 MR rates, it should be at -1500MR instead of -200 like now, you could consider it barely relevant/worth bringing), Blinding Light to, for example, blind the hard-hitting add in FM, Sympathetic Heal if you want even more heals, although this one is crazy situational. If you have all +9 stigmas of course, you simply pick out 5 green stigmas in this bunch instead of only 3.

Personally, I haven't used Reverse Condition since UA sieges literal years ago and I think you can shoot yourself in the foot more often than not while using it. As for Sacrificial Power...  if you're gonna socket that, just go full dps and learn to turn it off (or not even, considering how little HB it takes away now) to throw a few heals sometimes. Sac Power isn't a stigma you should be bringing to a full heal setup, because it turns off Benevolence, and without a hb set, you're shooting yourself in the foot if anyone needs any kind of healing during the cooldown time. Healing people with the campaign or any other hb-less set and with Sac Power on just isn't something I'd recommend anyone to experience, unless they like making their own life hard for themselves (but yeah, some people like a challenge). Additionally, I wouldn't recommend turning off Benevolence at any time if you're the main healer, unless you have at least some experience with that (for example, main healing BoS/FM in full dps spec with Sac Power on, usually with some sort of 700+ hb set). You should be more than easily able to maintain your mana in absolutely all instances, with Blessed Shield, Amplification and pots (except perhaps Primeth, but you sure af don't want Benevolence off during the last boss haha) without ever having to turn Benevolence off (speaking of 6.2, 5.8 three weeks ago with a 10k MP pool was a different story).

Healing Servant has always been so bad, except in Illuminary Obelisk, that I sold mine years ago and never looked back. It never healed as much as it would need to, to be worth it over Splendor of Rebirth, which makes whoever has that HoT tankier for 30s (and in this patch, it even makes more of a difference than in 4.8~5.9).

As for PvP, it's a bit different; you usually want Power Sprint socketed no matter where you're going, which doesn't leave much space for creativity if you don't have full +9 stigmas. With the two additional slots, Retrib Lightning and Blind Light are usually good choices. For Harmony specifically, it might be sometimes more worth it to take Festering Wound over Sprint, since there is barely anywhere to run like the wind, while a well-timed Festering can secure a kill (thus bringing your stigs to Noble Grace, Saving Grace, Retrib Lightning, Blind, Festering). If you feel like you have enough mobility as is, you can also take out Power Sprint out of all builds, and go with Sympathetic/Retrib/Blind instead.

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