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10 hours ago, Bryos-DN said:

Kaisinel/Marchutan heals you up whenever you are low on HP. Whats the exact problem you are having? 

did you know where can i buy ninja motion now? and what can i do with victory insignia given on arenas? i think its not the same insignia like previous patch and it said give ti to special training in lakrum but when i talked to it nothing just normal chat

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This is a very difficult battle to win if you do not know how to time your attacks. I'm a Cleric and I ran this instance several times between levels 56-59 to acquire the three-piece Tiamat accessory set. There are several tricks I learned that may help you out. The most obvious one is to only attack Tiamat while she is resting. Hit her two to three times while she is resting, then run back towards Kaisinel/Marchutan. The NPC will not always heal you, so it is best to run past him to the back of the room, use your own healing pots, then run back to Kaisinel/Marchutan's side. Again, you will only want to attack Tiamat while she is resting. You may be able to get a few shots in while she is blasting flames in the opposite direction, but the flaming spikes on the ground might get you, so I wouldn't advise it! You will need to make a speedy retreat between attacks, so use one of your transformation potions with a speed boost. Classes with close-range attacks are at a greater disadvantage because there is little time to get out of the way, so use whatever long-range attacks you can.

Good luck!

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