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Insta DC right after get killed by specific characters.


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Well that's vague, though I suppose you have to be as we can't accuse people of hacking on the forums.

If you and your friends are seeing this with a certain player, I would document each time with the date and time and location. Get a vid of it, if you can. And then submit a ticket with all the information. Let Support know that you will continue to send tickets each time it happens. Have all your friends do it. Hopefully if you send enough tickets, you will get the one or two people at Support who aren't total potatoes and they will actually look into what it happening when you get DCed.

Off the top of my head, it could be your connection. It could be some skill that your client just can't handle. Or it could be that that person has altered their client so your client reads something that should be impossible and it freaks out and closes.

Posting here won't get this looked into at all.

In addition to tickets every time it happens, you could also send the ticket numbers and an explanation to Cyan. See if he can't push things along a little.

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