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Dual Client


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What does it to take to run dual clients? When I try to launch 2nd client, I keep getting this error:


It could be that my laptop can't handle 2 clients, but I've made it work before on this same laptop. That was before I changed NormalStop in config file to 1 though. Could that be the reason why I can't launch 2nd client?

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Hi there, I've goggled a little bit and seems like it's mostly a graphic card issue.

1. Make sure your graphic drivers are up to date.

2. Delete system.cfg file and let launcher do the file repair. 

3. Maybe run dxdiag from start and check the display tab, make sure the graphics card is listed (meaning the drivers are there) and at the bottom half it should say graphics acceleration is enabled.

Some also say it happens randomly, by killing the aion.bin process from task manager it goes back to working again.

Let us know if anything worked out for you or in case you fixed it yourself already! :3

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