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Quitting again


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I really tried, guys.

I returned to playing aion in the hope that things would improve after 6.2, but after a month I'm quitting again.

Two things have not changed with the new patch: cashers and hackers continue to progress 50 times faster than a casual player.

To be honest, I could even bear it if it were not for the [damn] transformation system, which is just ridiculous.

I have no patience to wait another year while you guys from NC NA decide what to do.

Good luck to those who will try to continue. You all are heroes, trully.

PS: sorry my bad english.

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Whoever still plays is an old player that never quit, 6.2 is the least new player friendly update ever. There is absolutely nothing a new player can do to even get 10% of what old players have that got ready since 5.8.

I am sorry you are leaving, but this is the right choice. I am practically the same, I just keep logging in to make some dailies and weeklies and then wait till Wednesday reset, and I got ready since 5.8, it is just that there is no content to even play.

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