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In Memory of Instagib

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Just found out about this today and am so very sad to hear it.

I know so much time has passed but I want you to know this news still hit hard even after all these years.  For as incredible and badass as he was in pvp, he was a humble, kind, soft-spoken guy.  He took time out to explain things and teach me about pvp.  And whenever I saw him (and you) in open world, I always felt like I had back up.  I felt bad for the zergs that crossed your path as you were an incredible, unstoppable duo.

I hope time has comforted you and left you with good memories.  He will be dearly missed.

Christy (Sweden/Switzerland)

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Hey guys, This is really hard for me to write but I know that quite a few of you knew him and some of you considered him a friend, and Aion was a part of his life, so it felt like you should know

I am sorry to hear this.My thoughts and prayers are with you. I remember running ID with you and Gib a few times and always had fun; you were both great to hangout with. He was a super cool laid back

I had so much fun fighting you both and calling each other bad, it was really few of the game that made it fun, it’s really sad we will never be able to again. My condolences, great player and by

I'm surprised I didn't know about this and very shocked. 

Very sad to hear. Stuff like this is very heartbreaking especially since a lot of us having been playing together for years and years. 


Here's to the good times when we all trolled each other. Gibby boi you'll be missed. 


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Going to leave a 2nd comment.

Instagib or whatever you want to call him was a great player. A lot of people are carried by their gear  opposed to their actual skill. He was actually skilled and could play.


The nostalgia of Aion is surreal at times for me at least, it's a joke what it has become now. With that all said, going back to Instagib the player, he is someone I'm going to remember for a long time as long as I have still got memories of Aion in my head cause he played a huge role for his faction during the 4.0 days specifically up until 5.0 or whenever Katalam/Danaria got deleted which made everyone quit due to the lack of content and terrible map designs.


Again, RIP to Gibb.

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Somehow I missed this and I apologize. I just found out through another person. Instagib was a great part of the game and I enjoyed his content. I don't think we had the chance to speak with each other but I wish my sincerest condolences to his relatives and friends. -deso

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