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Question relate to fuse weapons


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Ok I heard a couple few things here and I want them to be confirm.

-First under fuse pve attack weapon doesn't work only base pve attack works that's why all crafting gears are bad.
-Pve attack is more important than magical attack (I noticed this by using craft pvp weapon which has about 1000 higher magical attack but still as bad as 5.8 weapons)
-Right now I got ledgendary craft tome with 14% cast speed going to buy genesis pve tome question is what do I do ? use genesis as the base then fuse with legendary craft tome ?

Thank you.

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Pve attack is the same as magic attack according to damage calculations. If you have 100 pve damage, it’s like adding 100 magic attack to your gear.

If you fuse 2 weapons with pve attack/defense, it will only take the base. If you fuse two pvp weapons, it will only take the base. 

I would use the legendary crafted tome until you can +15 and purify the genesis tome.

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