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Aion 2??? Jokes!!


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As everyone received either email or you guys post the big Ad. on website, I mean, we don't really care about a mobile game. Instead of spending so much time on advertising your mobile game, how about do something in Aion. Game is dying soon, if you guys keep doing your "great" jobs. Taking care of players not only meaning we want to hear from you, also you have to do it. For all the things you guys being done is lower the successful rate on enchanting, and lower the chance to get the PVP enchantment stones. Make all the players can't gears up, I understand this is the way you guys want to keep the players playing longer time, since when players finished their gear, the game is dead. But have you ever been thinking the balance? You make those no gears, returner players don't want to spend more time on this game. Cause they can't or it's super hard to catch up. Do something for the community please, I am not the first one complaining about it, and i believe i am not the last one either. So give us some good news, not just keep posting in future, in few weeks, etc.

Thank you,

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2 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

Umm I don't know how this related to Aion 2 but you're clearly talking about Aion Legions of War

However I want to say even BnS team sent me a email about Aion : Legions of War lol

they really sent you a e-mail on that omg lol thats spam LOL

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