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January 16 Changes Feedback


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Hi @Cyan, thanks to you and your team for finally releasing much needed changes. So far, so good...

I have couple suggestions on how to little bit improve the game and make it more welcoming.

1 - Luna reward quests. This could be tweaked in a way that each quest would reward 80 Luna (1 extra entry if to use it for reset). Rates that make most sense to me is 10 solo arena insignia for 80 Luna, 15 harmony for 80 Luna and 20 dredge for 80 Luna.

2 - Daily camp war quest experience. Each quests rewards 15 mil exp each. I would suggest to bump it little bit more, maybe to somewhere in the 25-30 mil range. This should improve open world PvP aspect of the game, having the latest changes related to EXP item exchange. For comparison, all PvE instance quests give 55 mil on average.


On the other side of issues:

1. Please fix arena ratings (or turn them on).

2. Siege is a carousel right now. One time asmos win, next time elyos. You did a good job with the buff so weaker faction, but this could be little bit more random. For example, they could get random buff level, sort of like 40% lvl 1, 30% - lvl 2 etc.


@Community, you are welcome to suggest.

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