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Bosses vs Bosses


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I am bored out of my mind while waiting for an appointment, so I will post this random "game". Choose two bosses, make them fight, see who would win solely by mechanics, no level difference.

Typhon vs Boliag

This would be an interesting fight depending on what mechanics you take into consideration.

Typhon might deal more damage overall. For one, both would be immobile, so Boliag will get hit by Fire of Calamity all the time. There is also the fact they are two and three snakes against a single... thing. If we also consider Typhon's explosive Zygotes, Typhon might be a lot more powerful. Boliag spawns adds as well, but they do not seem to be as powerful.

There is the thing about Boliag's immortality, but maybe he can swallow a snake, which will destroy its heart. And Boliag's attacks are mostly AoEs, so killing both at the same time is doable.

But, overall, I think Typhon would win.

Tiamat (DLR) vs Beritra (DD)

A tough one. But I believe Tiamat would win, just for the sheer amount of adds she will eventually summon. This true is as long as Beritra's AoEs dont kill them.

At the same time, Tiamat has a lot lower HP. And I suppose her attacks will give her the blessings to remove Beritra's buffs when they appear.

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