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Custom chain skills bug


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I found this bug by accidently on my gunner.

The problem is if you use custom chain with skills with a lot of chain like MP chain or gun shot chain or repeating skills like steady fire.
When you spamming skills there will be a moment where your character stopped using skill and auto attack for 1 second before you can use next skill.
When I put each skill normally in skill bar without custom chain,the skill work normally without delay.

I can't confirm if this only happened with gunner only or more classes affected,but I suspected magic classes are being victims of this bug.
I'll test more when I got time thank you :)

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Customs chains with normal skill chains are never working very good. Especially when there is some conflict going on, for example if I have a skill on 1st chain custom, and then put a second skill after that, which has his own normal chains, and you use the 2nd skill and it activates its additional chains, but the 1st skill meanwhile cooled down, it will probably stop the normal chains from happening because the custom chain always prioritize the skills you put in order, bypassing the need to finish a normal chain that was activated.

This probably didn't make sense the way I expressed it, but custom chains with skills that are chains are kinda conflicting on which skill is prioritized to be used next.

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