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Disable Search Functionality at Any Instance Server

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Hi There,

Please disable search functionality at any instance server, similarly like its disabled for Arena of Harmony or Arena of Discipline. Players tend to abuse it with alt to have better match up without respect to rules (TOS). I believe, that disabling search for any instance will help dramatically for match making system.

I dont see a reason why it would need to be enabled, its simply being abused...

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Just came to my mind. Alternatively, you can adjust the time when arena of discipline and arena of glory is open in the way, that any other instance is NOT available at that time. Having that condition, people wont be able to abuse search functionality being at Dredgion or Idgel Dome, as an example.

This still will be an issue where players will be abusing search to match up/dodge Dredge or any other instance available at that time, but arena is more competitive in my opinion so it needs to be adjusted as a priority. 

Of course, long term solution is to disable search from ANY instance server. Please take a look into it.


And please, make the window when arenas are open smaller.


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