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I was wondering if there is any way to make them able to be stored in the Account Warehouse? 

I was thinking about that cause the are so many (13 types and 3 grades for each) and even if we can combine them to get some from the higher grade, still we usually have some remaning ones. They use a lot of space in our inventory. And anyway all our toons from the same account share the same cubicles, so.... maybe if we can move them we can just use one inventory from only one toon. 

And yes. For those that still do not know, all the cubicles that you gather and register go to the same Cubic menu and it is shared between all your toons in the same account. So by collecting cubicles in your main, you will be improving your alts too. And of course you can do extra runs on your alts to get even more cubicles each week. Something similar to the transformation contracts. 

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