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Our so called GMs


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Just reading these replies from you all is just hilarious. Do you want to help or not? Or do y'all seriously have no GM abilities? I have seen what GMs can do and trust me you have no restrictions, your basically God's. Please remove GM from y'all's name and add therapist cause all you do is give us advice.

@Cyan @Cyan-KT it's not to late buddy. Please make things at least account tradeable. I'm not asking to trade with others. Even though your plan to stop kinah selling by taking away trading between characters still fails. Everyone still buys kinah. I mean unless okaygold is ncsoft in Korean somehow idk. I failed English so... And honestly if you squint hard enough they look the same. Even more bots and kinah selling bots then in old patch. I hate when they get personal with me and call me friend. If they were my friend they would loan me some kinah. 

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