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Back from 4.8 asking for help


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Hi everyone, like the title said I’m back from a long time. Can I ask few questions?

tailoring for pvp gear is a things?

manastone and stigma are different from before? 

Fast way to cap lv from 60? 

I really loved balaur skin for my Asmo, are still in game? 

Thankyou everyone 

Moriar Asmo SM

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Sure you can you don’t have to ask (read don’t jebait the trolls here)

1) if you mean tailoring as the old crafting that’s gone for good. However, some people opt for crafted gear from Aetherforging, only craft left

2) Stigmas are the same as in 4.8 (taking that you played during 4.8 provided the title). Manastones are new with the 6.0 update which revamped most of the stats anyway and removed quite a good number of them. Ancient grade you can drop in the open world, higher grades come from Pandora etc.

3) just do campaigns and dark blue quests, it has been streamlined so you shouldn’t have any problems hitting lv 80. As you’re returnee get the box from the pink quests you should have received to get some basic gear.

4) What balaur skins? Most of the skins remained in the game but are not obtainable anymore.

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