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Returning player. Couple of questions


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Hello guys

After a break i'm back again. I don't think i can really quit aion ><

Last time i played, it was in early 5.1. I already had +10 AC myth gear and still R1 AP gear. Ran some instances and gathered few spinels. Since then i have no idea about the new aspects of the game. So i have some questions:

Is woth craft essence core? perhaps buy?

wich gear should i head to for PVE? and PVP?

recommended stats for endgame (chanter and songweaver)?

is there any new method to farm kinah?


well, is enough for a while. Sorry for that broken english and thank you for reading my post :)


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Essences cores are really worth it. You can buy or craft them. It's up to you. The new crafting is really nice as it makes consumables, accessories, armor, weapons, skins, mounts and pets. Though it takes time, dedication and kinah to level it.

You can do just about anything with the gear you have though you will want to upgrade. For PvE I would suggest the Apollon. You can earn that in Cradle or just buy it from the broker, if you have the kinah. For PvP, I would suggest the level 75 abyss. You can enchant gear to max level now without the risk of it failing and breaking as long as you use omegas and greater supplements. 

I make kinah by disenchanting the un-upgraded armor/weapons that I get during Archives and Cradle runs. The chrono stones sell well. Or you can use them in your aetherforge crafting.

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