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hello everyone im sure most of you know me by now im a PVP Chanter Healer and im looking for a static pvp partner 

now ive got the buffs and the heals but what class would be best at being my support in pvp now personally I like allot of 

Croud Control when it comes to pvp but I also like Heavy hitters so I was thinking spirit master but what other classes should I consider for either CC or stun lock?

please keep in mind im still in full ancient pvp gear but I do have 3 pieces that can be upgraded to Legendary I just need the mats but they are hard to come by


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If you are in ancient pvp gear, you are still very squishy. So I would recommend someone who can hit very hard. Maybe make some assassin/glad/AT friends. An assassin/chanter combo can be pretty powerful as the amount of stuns between both people is a ton. My boyfriend and I can stunlock a lot of people that way. Or a spiritmaster who is fear-happy to allow you time to heal yourself and your friend. Have fun :)

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