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New Character Slots?


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With 7.0 approaching and a whole new class being added to the game I have, will the NA servers be getting another character slot to encourage people to create the new painter/vandal or will players have to yet AGAIN decide if they are going to delete a character they currently have to make one?  I only ask this because the NA version of the game has less character slots than the EU version of the game.  The EU version got new character slots when the other classes were added.  They don't have to decide if they will delete a character or not make a new one.  I'd LOVE to see the NA Aion offer at least 1 more character slot for players so WE don't have to run into the issue of deleting a current character or not playing the new one at all.

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2 hours ago, Hallo-DN said:

Honestly, don't expect to find a answer until 21th or patch notes lol. I asked this question too, not long ago but didn't get any answer, you can only hope we do....


@Cyan too busy with bns to come and answer this question on this forum.

I honestly doubt that we do because we're already behind the number of character slots that EU can have.  They were given 2 more when the first set of new classes were added to the game.  We didn't get jack crap.  If anyone wanted to have a new class, they had to decide what one to delete if they were already at max.


What do you have to say about this @Cyan?

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