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Making Kinah?


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One of the "features" I hated with the old patch was that it removed being able to trade kinah at all.  Yes you can "trade" it by posting stuff on the auction house and someone else buying it but if you have a high kinah valued item that is tradeable on one character (say a level 80) and you put it in your account bank so your low level character can sell it to earn some kinah, your low level character can't exactly post it because it takes a crap load of kinah to even post it.  I have a level 30+ish character that literally has less than 1000 kinah right now while most of my other characters have tens of million kinah.  Problem is I can't give my broke ass characters any kinah to post items I have that sell for a decent amount of kinah.  Vendoring gear doesn't get you crap because everything vendors for 1 kinah now (again thank you crappy patch that made kinah untradeable) and most other items/vendor rubbish sells for very little too.  So how exactly does one farm kinah now?

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You can transfer kinah. You will lose the broker fees while doing it, which are not insubstantial, but it's better than having kinah on a character that you aren't using. To do this you take something that is brokerable, but useless (I use old aether), and trade this to the character that needs kinah. They post it for whatever they can afford the fees on. Then buy it on the character that has kinah. Continue to do this until you have all the kinah you want on what characters you want it on.

To make kinah, I do luna dailies on most every character that I have. I do it afk, so a second client is doing that when I am playing my main character. I craft the luna boxes on those characters when they come up 100% or 75% for low mats. Once the alts have a nice amount of kinah, I use the above method to trade it to my main.

Also, I run even instances I don't need (solo) any more and sell the gear at the end.

If you are having that much of an issue with kinah, you probably won't be crafting for a long while. You can sell all the mats that gather. That should make some kinah.

Do every quest that gives a kinah award.

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