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Sharp/Tough/Complex Manastone Extraction Stone


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On 26/8/2019 at 4:32 PM, EvannaFiedler-KT said:

So, I have been trying to figure out what is this new crafting material for with no luck. Does anyone know?

Manastones are grouped into 3 categories:

  • Sharp (physical.attack, magic attack, evasion, magic resist, HP)
  • Complex (accuracy, magic accuracy, block, parry, healing boost)
  • Tough (physical critical, magic critical, physical defense, MP)

When you extract a (worthless) manastone it gives you Tough/Complex/Sharp Manastone Extraction Stone, the type you get is the type you extracted (i.e. an evasion manastone will always give you Sharp Stone), which is a material to craft a manastone of the same category. To actually craft you indeed need to purchase the recipes and learn them first (I do not know where to get them exactly).

When you craft a manastone it will give you a random manastone of the same type (i.e. if you craft a Sharp one, it will give you any of the manastones from the above list). There is a chance for it to proc, a proc version of the manastone will be tradeable and has a chance to be legendary or ultimate.


In short, no manastone is now (totally) useless, because those who are not for your class, you simply extract, get materials, craft and hope it is the one for you. RNG is strong on this one, so someone might be super lucky and get an ultimate tradeable M.Attack manastone and someone else might get a non tradeable ancient evasion one.

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The recipes are bought at the Stellium General Goods Manager at the alters. They are priced according to the level of A.F required to craft the stone. Higher level craft ( Veteran) has a (i think) higher chance to proc ulti/legendary stones as well as brokerable etc. Veteran level recipes cost 100 stellium. You will also need Essence Tapping at 100 to farm Titania (1 stellium per 2/3 ores) and a few other mats found either as world drops or from the A.F NPC in Lakrum.

Hope this helps

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