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Instead of fixing Events that dont need to be fixed...


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Enchantment rates....*enhales* BOI. Let me tell you how many leg. stones i have wasted getting a ancient pvp gear piece from 14 to 15. Its like an automatic fail. It might be different for other classes, but as far as I know it seems the rates have been reverted back to being shi tty again. So instead of ruining good events, maybe work on the bugs in the games that actually affect people in a negative way

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If you really want to fix something how about fixing the log in Pin bug.

KBF rewards and entries and for that matter the entries of all instances compared to other regions. IDD 2 entires with prestige one without and no more scrolls for reward from winning Lakrun Fort while other regions get 4-5 entries!

Also gotta love the change from guaranteed Ultimate in instances like PF and IDD and Stellin to maybe you will get 1 in 10 runs. Real quality of life game improvement there.

Prestige cases and rewards shortchanged to customers. When can we expect them as you stated last week they would be sent soon.

Wind stream glitches. The Cube Expansion Coins in the Vandal's Starter Kit aren't being recognized.

We are not getting Ultimate Etium from Herelym Mine, just Legendary Etium.

Fixing Kromede Trial. Fixing Evergale.

Nope lets fix the one thing that players are actually happy about that turns a mediocre event into a good one!

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