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Lugbug's Missions Rewards

The Secret Cow Level

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See spreadsheet

Want to contribute your bundle openings to the spreadsheet? Feel free to post here with the following information:

  • Type of Lugbug mission bundle opened
  • Number of bundles of that type opened
  • Items you have acquired from opening that type of bundle

Items from different types of containers should be listed separately. For example, do not mix items from both daily and weekly bundles into a single list.

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Lugbug's Precious Bundle x1 (Weekly)

  • <Lugbug's Strange Minion Contract> 

Lugbug's Suspicious Bundle x16 (Daily)

  • <Lugbug's Ancient Transformation Potion Chest> x2 (bundle gives you 2)
  • <Lugbug's Compassionate Box> x2 (bundle gives you 1)
  • <Ancient Enchantment Stone Bundle> x12  (bundle gives you 2)
  • <Lugbug's Magic Box> x2 (bunlde gives you 1)
  • <Lugbug's Treasure (7 days)> x2 (bundle gives 1)
  • <Bountiful Lugbug's Treasure (7 days)> x1
  • <Grade A Minium> x20 (bundle gives you 10)

Lugbug Magic Box gave me 1x Ancient Alcemium and the other 5x Legendary Magic Crystal.

Ancient Enchantment Stone bundle gave me 3x PvP stones and 9x PvE ones.

Both Lugbug's Compassionate Box gave me 6 genesis crystals each.


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