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Lakrum / Demaha Magic Crystals / Ancient Alcemium Mobs Spawn Maps

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Check here for in-game loadable maps (usermappainting ump's)

How to open ump map paintings in your Aion Client

1. Open World Map (Default: Shift+M)

2. Click on the Drawing Tool icon at the bottom right corner of the map window


3. click "Save/Open Map Drawing" (Floppy Disk icon)


4. Select "Open Map Drawing"


5. Browse for your desired map painting to open and click "Open"



  • The spawn point maps are separated into multiple files. This is due to the ink limitations of the in-game map drawing system (204 single-vertex dots, or less for multi-vertex lines)
  • The spawn points are taken from two sources:
    • mission_mission0.xml (Levels/LDF7 and Levels/LDF8) - Exact spawn points, but does not contain every spawn point for magic crystal mobs
    • Data/World/source_sphere.csv - Alternate source, circle spawn points with radius (some rather large!), used only if the area inside each particular circle do not already contain that monster's spawn points from mission_mission0.xml already.
  • While character is in-game at either Lakrum or Demaha, use the tables linked from below to check whether a particular monster drops Magic Crystals or not: (The information used to generate these tables are also used for selecting monsters to generate these user map paintings)

Demaha / Dumaha Magic Crystal Mobs

Grade 2-3






Grade 4-5


Lakrum Magic Crystal Mobs

Grade 2-3



Grade 4-5


Lakrum Ancient Alcemium Mobs



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Posted (edited)

Very helpful, what folder should the files be saved so the client sees them and opens them?

Edited by Arhangelos-KT

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