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Cyan,how about replacing EC for KBF while waiting for fix?


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   I understand that you guys dont  have any Programmers/Devs who can solve such a easy issue *cough* just remove kick option *cough* and just twiddle your thumbs while waiting for Korean Devs to respond and fix it for NA (you guys removed the kick option before why cant you now?). Its been few weeks and still no info about when EC will come back. So I got a solution!

Wednesdays and Saturdays are EC days, how about replacing it with  KBF/ID or even Dredge for the time being? Its a big AP and etium loss for EC being cancelled for so long while the ones who abused the bug probably got their gear so they dont care.....

I'm probably not the only one who gets annoyed seeing the currently useless EC icon 9_9

Btw does KBF only appear on Saturdays?

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Man it took them 2~3 weeks before they could disable EC to begin with and they can't disable just the kicking options. whatever they do is coming from developers, I doubt they have the ability and/or knowledge to do things like this.

Cyan himself said it about EC that he is still waiting for developers to find him a fix for EC. These are not tech guys that deal with hardcore coding in the game, they are given tools to work with in a user interface and are probably not even allowed to touch anything else unless it is approved by the company itself.

P.S. Kamar gives like 1/3 of the etiums EC gives.

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