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BCM - Enchantment Stones PvP/PvE


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I think it would be good to keep the enchant stones in BCM forever. It will defo boost your company's income and sure thing someone will paint this with p2w smear, BUT if we have them now, then I find it unfair to not have it forever... because the people who are here now will benefit from it and can p2w and then when you remove it other people won't be able to benefit form that.

Since you put them in BCM already then keeping them forever is the only logical thing.

P.S. good thing you made them brokerable too. You are finally starting to think reasonably. I just bought a ton of them form broker, and someone else paid for them with real money. If they were untradeable only p2w people would enjoy them and f2p people like me would have never contributed anything to the economy like I did by buying them form broker.


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On 11/10/2019 at 11:44 PM, Aly-DN said:

It 100% kills a piece of my soul to have PvP enchantment stones on the BCM, but as someone told me recently, "This is the way the game is now."

So in for a penny; in for a pound.

Leave them and add spirit frags


I totally agree and I would also argue it is a bad thing to have them in BCM in the first place, but since they put them in, then having the for a limited amount of time (but no limit on how many you get) is even worse. Those few that will get them now will enjoy them for a good amount of time while people in future won't. It is like perma mounts and 6.x, whoever was lucky to get one before 6.2 was good, new people had to eat ass on a daily basis.

Heck I will surely buy a sh!t ton of them since I have kinah and they are brokerable and I should somehow be "happy" I am in those who benefited from this, but I speak from a general perspective.

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