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61 Evergale Canyon Entries


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We're coming up on half a year with no EC. As of today that's 61 entries into EC or 122 if you've had Prestige the whole time.

Rewards for losing EC were 6 Legendary Etium, 3 Ultimate Etium, 182k AP and 1 Battlefield Combat Support Box. (A-C Minium Bundle, Kerubim Minion Contracts and Enchantment Stone Bundle)

5 months of losing every single EC would earn you: 366 Legendary Etium, 183 Ultimate Etium, 11.102.000 AP and 61 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes.

5 months of losing every EC with prestige the whole time: 732 Legendary Etium, 366 Ultimate Etium, 22.204.000 AP and 122 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes.


Rewards for winning EC were 12 Legendary Etium, 6 Ultimate Etium, 364k AP and 2 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. I want to say we got 20 Fighting Spirit Fragments with the update like in ID/IB/KBF but it's been so long I honestly don't remember if we did. xD

5 month of winning every single EC: 732 Legendary Etium, 366 Ultimate Etium, 22.204.000 AP and 122 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. (Possibly 1.220 Fighting Spirit Fragments)

5 months with active prestige: 1.464 Legendary Etium, 732 Ultimate Etium, 44.408.000 AP and 244 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes. (Possibly 2.440 Fighting Spirit Fragments)


None of those are particularly small numbers... If the bans were given out and we had received no compensation and EC was put back up immediately I would have been ok, but at this point like I mentioned - it's been almost half a year without a major feature of the game. I hope when we finally receive compensation they don't under-deliver and I'm praying they don't give it to the people responsible for us losing EC for so long. 

(And thank you @Capa-KT for previously listing the EC rewards)

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I have a few things to add to what this closing of EC did to my game in addition to what you mentioned:

AP: I almost 99% of the time have Abyssal Star buff maxed, so I get +120% AP at everything. This is because I have a ton of alts and whenever there is an event out there that gives those things I literally stock up enough for years and I sell a ton of them as well for profit (e.g. right now I have left about 900 giant abyssal stars from a very recent event, even after I used a lot and sold a ton). So removing the ability to do a specific instance also takes away the ability to multiply other rewards with buffs, in this case the AP.

Etiums: Whenever I used luna to reset something, that was always EC with a premade because EC is the only instance that gives 6 etiums at winning, AD was giving 4~5 (but only when there were no enemies otherwise you might end up with 2 only) and ID only 4, so for me it wasn't only the free entries I lost, I was not allowed to re-enter an instance that was making my progress faster. Instead I had to keep luna resetting ID and always get 4 etiums instead of 6 (when winning obviously). 4 etiums to 6 is a +50% increase!
Also winning EC was much less of a bet than ID, because when you have a 24 char dream team we were winning 99% of the time even when the enemies were premade too. Of course that was also done because enemy leaders from premades would check ours queuing and try to avoid going in at the same game with us so most times we went in with easier groups or randoms. In ID, even if you have a dream team you can still pretty much lose if the enemies have, lets say, 3 SM and fear us until there is no tomorrow, class imbalance is a bigger factor in 6v6 than 92v92. So effectively I was losing more instances than before, but also I was getting 2/3s of the etiums.

I cannot calculate the damage done, so the least they can do is simply award people the winning rewards. And obviously someone might be playing with 2 or 3 characters in one account, so are they going to give 1 compensation per account?

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