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Chanter blessing of wind stigma


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Chanter 's blessing of wind not updated?

Still getting 540 damage per tick in pvp instead of 1970 as stated in stigma.

Am i wrong? Previous patch i thought i saw deal additional 540 damage, not really pay attention  to the number since dmg is so minimal compare to gunner buff just by having it up. Usually up for increasing attack. 



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Its not what i meant. I thought i saw previous patch the stigma said 540 additional damage each attack and it did just that?

This patch it says 1930 additional dmg each attack and it still doing 540? or am i remembering wrong on the previous patch stigma description.

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Blessing of Wind Effect is a Procatk_Instant with base damage 1848 with wind element, affected by magic attack and PvP damage reduction (26%)

Without a dedicated magic attack set (your magic attack <= enemy's magic defense + pve/pvp defense) Blessing of Wind Effect deals:

  • 3880 damage in PvE
    • Level 76+ players have +100% PvE Attack (pre-6.0 stat) as a passive skill
  • 504 damage in PvP

The advanced stigma version of Blessing of Wind does not give any damage increase to the proc wind magic damage.




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