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I can't get into my main character

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2 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Oooo @Brutallus-DN had this same problem! For him, it ended up being that he had too many minions on his account (can only have max 200). Did you use your restoration token to restore A rank minions? If so, that's probably the problem.

It's what he did to solve you know?

I am already 2 days without logging in I lost 2 sieges and some more.

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Well, I was asking if you had the same situation first.

If you used a token to restore A rank minions, then it's very possible, you had too many minions in your inventory. So when support tried to restore your A ranks, it exceeded the maximum allowance of 200 minions. If that is the case, ask support to remove the minions they restored to your account. Then, log in and delete a few low rank minions so that you only have like 190 minions. Lastly, send another email to support and tell them you've deleted some minions and now they can put your restored A rank minions back.

(That is what Brutallus did.)

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