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  1. lol. Wouldn't that fall again to the "I will farm all day every day to have the chance to catch up to people who spend tons of money"? That event was also for a month or so and there has not been another where paragon gear/stones have been """"easily"""" obtainable, what would a F2P player that wants to get paragon do now?
  2. Not @Vinley-KT (idk them at all lol), but I believe your argument doesn't really make sense if we actually look at what super duper P2W people have. +10 prime runes/gems are impossible to get as a F2P person. Yes, I can do 30 fissures a day and actually WORK instead of playing the game for my own entertainment to have a chance at getting a +10 (where if it corrupts you're majorly nyerked), but is that really what the average player does? P2W people have most, if not all collections. High level paragon is another p2w thing, and they did put a ton of blessed/normal paragon stones on BCM so I wou
  3. I think @Chibi-DNsent the link of gunner profile so OP could see what stigs/gemstones etc. they use in end-game Korea, which is the best region to get advice from. Google actually has an option to automatically translate Korean (or any other language) into a language you know.
  4. by the end of this both of you will be banned with how much exposing there is happening keep it up!!
  5. Yeah I actually had them restore my 2 S minions and A because I had made a mistake with awakening a wrong S minion (oops). They give you back the exact same level that you have them at, but from what I understood, the % bonus each time you fail an evolution is not kept (but it doesn't really matter as 1 of your S is lvl 4 and the other is the sacrificial one)
  6. I think that disabling it was a good idea, I wouldn't like it at all if I would have to let my char auto farm while me not even being in the house, doing other things. It weirdly feels that I'd be burnt out from playing without even playing. Then again, if I don't utilize auto hunting, I would lose out on EXP marks and cubics among other things. Of course, if I left it to farm day and night I think it'd get to the point where it's just a super repetitive and boring routine. We have SAS and Luna already to do them daily, adding auto hunt to that mix would probably make you do more AFK/spam SAS
  7. I'm getting so confused by people that want the launcher to be reverted back. Don't want to see the news? Then don't click on them and just click on launch Don't want to select your region every time you log? Then make it remember your email (and it can remember 5!) I really don't see where the "extra steps" are, isn't it literally the same steps as the old launcher? Put in password, press launch and done, no need to nyerk about it. Plus what I find is a QoL improvement (for myself at least), is that when I get DC for AFK'ing, especially with this event where we afk all day
  8. Then just log out with the buff and wait till 7.7 drops, simple!
  9. Thank you for this post! Was extremely helpful. I'm really glad the Commander skin set is back, but at the same time a bit worried with how many EXP marks we'll need for 7.7...
  10. I'm a bit confused by your comparison. Aion Mobile didn't die because its icon in the app store got changed, it got shut down because of in-game reasons (from what I understood at least), not because they tried to modernize its login screen/icon.
  11. Totally agree with @Nyali-DN. I really like the new launcher since we can see ongoing events (with their full description), and it just looks way more pleasing to the eye than the old one. I haven’t had any issues with double clienting (yet, I guess?) so I don’t have a problem with it.
  12. Yesterday, a new post on the website showed up that said this: And today it shows this: I actually got pretty excited for these because it would be a way to get Transform Collections and actually have a real shot at getting Ultimate Transforms, as well as people getting S Minions faster. Pretty disappointed..
  13. The only compensation I can see happening is those who enchanted stigmas a week or so before they announced the change, rest to me is fine. You guys had them for 2 months or so, now it's time for the rest of the community to get their hands on them. Good luck! Can't wait to see who's rubbish in an even match
  14. I want to see events that give Ultimate Transformation Contracts. There's a huge gap between people who simply got lucky and got Ultimate off of 2 combinations and the ones who got it by spending tons of $$, and the people who are still stuck with Legendary Transforms. It's been almost 2 years since the system got introduced, yet the majority of the playerbase that plays daily still has Legendaries. Even an event with a good amount of Legendary contracts should be enough. Also I really hope we'll get Rebirth Manastone Fasteners ( [item: 166418001] ), it's such a good item to have and an a
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