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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 23, 2019

    Any plans for the black eye problem? EU gave every char 1 PST with tomorrow's maint
  2. about to leave the aion :(

    I remember when I leveled my alts who had very very sad gear, ultimate atrocity did tons of damage, i think i moved to the location it wasn't casted on..
  3. New Enchanting System Changes

    Please do something for the ultimate pve stone craft, DN-E has a very VERY low amount of ult kibrium
  4. New Enchanting System Changes

  5. New Enchanting System Changes

    morphing is for all people, aetherforging requires levels
  6. New Enchanting System Changes

    less than 20k, probably what EU/KR has
  7. New Enchanting System Changes

  8. New Enchanting System Changes

    Thank you, but do you know what is the kinah price of the coin?

    Just found out you can ignore ppl here! Yay!
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    is it, or is it not more expensive than the other regions?
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    PLEASEE reduce them to the other regions price, we don't want any *1m rEdUcEmeNt*
  13. When you are that bored

    i haven't spend a single $ in this game, yet i pvp freely you literally don't make sense, you like when higher lvl people come and pvp which is literally the SAME THING if you do it in lakrum, but without annoying everyone
  14. When you are that bored

    no shit, do you realize that you're essentially halting the population of the elyos? 6.2 was supposed to get and bring back players, and even though it didn't work that well, you're still not letting people level to max, and for obvious reasons (you!) they'll stop playing the game. it's like you're trying to deliberately sabotage the game for no reason at all if that's always a plus, what's the difference of going to lakrum and pvp'ing there?
  15. When you are that bored

    when you're that bad at pvp'ing ppl the same level as you so you go to low level areas to kill elyos with 20k hp, no pvp att/defense, and very bad stats honestly don't know why you'd do that, aion's already dying, you're basically killing off new players in DN-elyos obviously you're too weak to pvp your own lvl