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  1. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    I got into a group to get them together, the leader changed loot to no roll at last sec and went by himself to kill all the mookies while we were contesting where he told us to go. Yay event
  2. The event is nice, but I think 6 hours for 1-3 pieces of legend con is too much (you need 20 pieces!) If you're REALLY unlucky, you would only have 1 spare day of not logging in for a really big amount of time. (I think EU had 4 hours for 1-3 pieces, which kiiiiiiiiiinda is more reasonable)
  3. I think they majorly reduced APES and holy serums from luna stuff right?
  4. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    I think there's more stuff to worry about, like 7.2. EU caused an uproar when patch hit because they removed legend stone drops and halved gear drops (4-->2) in PF/IDD/Stellin, as well as reducing kinah sell rates, so many people quit. 2 weeks after tho, EU reverted the changes back to 7.0 drops, which was nice. I've quit now in 7.0 with 4 gear drops, I can't imagine how dead-er Aion would be if we get 7.2 without custom changes.
  5. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    It's a public test server. It opened 2 weeks before the patch will hit (to test stuff, I guess, like removing the infinite weapons), I guess it's what EU did with 6.0? I remember they had a test server a month before the actual patch.
  6. Realy perma ban ?

    Should've thought of that before abusing, right?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 6, 2019

    Is there any chance to NOT get the nerfs to pve in 7.2? EU got 7.2 and it doesnt seem good..
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    Probably because they think it's not a big deal it's disabled (it is). It'll only get worse, as shown in other times..
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    @Cyan Can you please check a topic I posted yesterday?
  10. November shop update coming soon

    Almost as if the person knew what price to put it so it wouldn’t get thiefed by another person.. W/E, you do you I guess
  11. November shop update coming soon

    Jesus christ just drop it already.. What do you want them to do? Restore the piece that probably doesn't even exist rn? You KNOW there's a risk to the broker, you took it, bad luck man you lost it. drop. it.
  12. @Cyan With 7.0, IDD and PF have different last bosses than the 6.5 ones. If you remember a change you did long ago, it was a chance to drop a transformation contract (62 types) from the last boss of some instances. However, I don’t think PF and IDD drop those anymore (while Stellin does), because the bosses got changed. Can you guys check if the drop rate exists?
  13. @Cyan - IDD

    inb4 PF gets reduced to 1 entry. Seriously tho, make it 4 entries, OR make ult drop 100%
  14. Any slight hints on Red Katalam yet?

    Yep, The reason EU gets 7.2 in 5 days is because they discontinued many languages from their game, so they have less work to do in terms of translating. Of course with NA, we only have 1 language and will be behind them by a LOT, I don’t expect us to have 7.2 before 2020
  15. PVE Gear

    Same. Only 1 piece for me (sorc) dropped in 6.2 (was a magic plume, lol) and everyone passed for me because they felt bad. In 6.5, I finished everything (last piece was hat) 1 month before 7.0 hit, I really believe that cloth has the lowest drop rate out of all the pieces. I also stopped running anything, basically quit I guess. I have 3 pieces from PF and IDD but the thing that discourages me the most is that 2 (!) of my alts are full PF and IDD before my main is. Oh well