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Bastion of Soul bugged?


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Anyone having trouble completing Bastion of Soul since the new update if you get the 4th key?

I  clear all the mobs in both the 4th and 3rd floor but the mob that drops the 1st floor key to go through to the final boss doesn't seem to appear.

The instance seems to work fine if you get the 2nd floor key at start but not 4th key one.

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On 2/14/2020 at 6:19 PM, Vessttemona-KT said:

for some reason, if you start killing and collecting the bombs before having rescued all the prisoners, the instance gets bugged, and the mob with the 1rst floor key wont spawn, so make sure you rescue all prisioners first and then kill the mobs with the bombs.

I can confirm this. You HAVE to save all the prisoners first before collecting the 4th bomb or the instance will bug and the 1st floor key mob won't spawn.. unless he spawn somewhere else.

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