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Should i go back to NA?


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was playing NA since 2.0~ but at 6.0 Went EU coz all mine kina and GG gear gone and become useless.. thx to 6.0.. EU has good ping BUT gold packs >.> cmon.. 200kk~ its a lot farming.... just to plasy the game.. and where manastones/stigma stones/enchantment srtones and etc??

Btw how hard is to get Mastarius is NA? coz eu i have it.. ^^ dont want play with  rubbish atk speed..

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8 minutes ago, Sankarea-KT said:

how many Storm Tokens do i need and how long it takes?


you get it at level 1
you need 5 to make it level 2
25 to make it level 3 and this is where you get the semi-selectable transform.

so 30 in total, if you are active and let your char afk enough hours you can do it in 2~3 days.
Every day you can get 7 from doing lugbug dailies, 3 free from BCM and 11 from being afk, total 21 per day max. (Theoretically 12 from being afk but you cannot be exactly 24 hours logged without getting time out connection)

You would have gotten one more legendary transform, random if you took it to level 8 and if you start now you marginally can do it level 8.

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You can buy emotes with gold ingots, broker or events, skins?? you can forget about them as we have so few in the game now, you can buy a few in the gold sand traders store, and in broker you can find some skins that are not longer avaible in the game. And as for daevanion skills its really hard to farm them but if you manace to get the stormwing lvl 5 you can get one daevanion skill box everyday.

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I mean that i have a lot of skins and emotes.. :D now where and how to get them.. :D 

If geting stormwing to max lvl for legendarary transformation takes 2-3 days of afk.. (from what i undarstand thats is afk event so just leave aion on and go to sleep.)

that doesnt sound rl hard. Btw mby makarna(berritra) and prometuns drops fragments 2? in eu we get 1 fragment each run, each person.

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6 hours ago, Sankarea-KT said:

Thats a lo of time. And how is the business with daevanian skills? how hard is farm those? 

all what mine chars has is mounts,skins and emotes.. :D

Once you level your pet to level 5 you can get a selectable daevanion skill every day! Of course since you will start the event now, you won't get that many daevanions that we get since we started the event early on and made our pet level 5 as fast as possible.

Other than that, people usually spammed IDD with alts level 80 to check for a shugo, and if there was one, they went in with their mains and claimed it. It was the only way to get more daevanions than the 2 you get from fragments and gold ingots.

You can get 1 fragment for daevanion craft in end game instances as a long as you finish them "fast", I think fast means in less than 20 minutes so the majority of people already do that too.

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