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BoS - Dual BOX

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Dual box more chance to event ultimate itens.

So the first quest depends on which floor key you get.

Floor 4: Pulley quest, talk to the NPX to the left and say you will rescue the daevas. You will need 1 or 2 Jail cell keys to pull on levers. Once you do, GO BACK to talk to the NPC even if quest says complete

Floor 2 Escort quest, talk to timoni and escort him to Motor/Motar and its pretty easy, Motor is located next to first bomb NPC

Second quest: Rescuing the spirits: When you reach the floor with the 3 bomb mobs, there is a jail cell behind one of bomb mobs and you just break the door to free the spirits

Third quest: Talk to Golmir and find his magic purple stone, its located in the cells next to him. I will send a Screen shot. ( can only open 1 cell after his so be careful)

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I doubt this has more chances to drop an ulti in there, the ultimate items are part of the event and there is no way these additional quests raise the chances to get one. It is nowhere mentioned and these quests don't increase the rates of normal drops either in there.

Unless you mean that additional chest can also drop ultimate, which someone must confirm by showing us he got an ulti in there.

But nice guide, I didn't even know there were additional quests in there hidden like this. I never done any of them.

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