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Descrition all off Help @Hime

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@Hime we have the reset but sadly theyre many things that seems totally off many stigma and skill looks totally off description are totally wrong some skill should be about 2.2k physical attack but now saying that its only 390 physical attack dont know yet if those stats are real or not but if true then many class just got theyre DPS reduce by almost 70% hope its just description bugg but please check this out

best exemple i see my glad but Lockdown say 32 physical dommage when it should be 1323 physical dommage


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Posted (edited)

For damage skills, your actual damage will depend on your physical attack, PvE or PvP attack, and enemy's physical defense.

Current Damage Formulas

But yes, some skills description are off. Some examples:

  • [Gladiator] Ferocious Earthquake: Flash step to enemy and deal 1033 damage. Pulls enemy to you. Inflicts strong root (100) for 2 seconds.
    • In-game description misses the latter effects
  • [Spiritmaster] Enmity Swap: Heals for 8,000. Your pet is dismissed.
    • In-game description on secondary effect is wrong

Actual skill effects by analyzing game data

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